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7 of the coolest mums who ride

7 of the coolest mums who ride

We are of course excited that Kate Middleton has dropped a baby boy in a kinda “Meh” hold it together world kinda way but here are some mum queens of shred we can really get stoked on. Dunno about you but we take a lot of comfort from seeing how parenthood hasn’t changed who they are or, more importantly, their ability to rip

1. CHERYL MAAS One of our most favourite snowboarders to watch, Cheryl became a mum to Lara in 2011. It hasn’t made her podium less (busting her ACL last winter did though) but it has changed her riding a bit. But in ways that could bode well for next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. She says:

Before I do something big I’ll think twice, think if it’s worth the risk and what could happen. But in another way I’m pushing my riding harder because I want to make her proud.

Photo by Chanelle Sladics

cheryl maas mother

Pro Chat: Cheryl Maas

2. LISA ANDERSEN Lisa was the original pro women’s surfer, winning the ASP Women’s World Tour four times. A real trailblazer, she was still surfing at six months pregnant. She told surfline:  

I actually surfed my first time, with Erica, until I was about six months. I was just so driven to requalify for the tour. I wouldn’t advise that for everybody, but you can still surf as long as your doctor’s ok. And it’ll still be there for you when you get done…you just get this amazing energy boost after you have your baby.

 She now has another boy, Mason, and works as a Roxy ambassador, while still surfing like an absolute legend as you can tell from this shot. Photos from roxy



3. VERA JANSSEN Pro snowboarder and all-round freeride hound Vera had her baby last year in 2012 but we were stoked to see her bossing the powder just a few weeks later. She says:

Snowboarding has helped me stay true to my own identity and keep my own life vibrant and interesting which in turn makes me a happier mom. I appreciate the time I spend on the mountain, I’m thankful for every turn I take. People ask if I’m more careful now? I’m always careful. I don’t want to die in an avalanche or break my neck trying a trick above my skill level but I’ve always ridden that way.


Vera Janssen on Nikita Snowboards

4. ALEX WHITE AND 5. ELIANA SOSCO    Eliana Sosco from Brazil [RIGHT AND VID BELOW] and California skater Alex White [LEFT] showing that mamas firmly belong in the skate park. The photo was taken at The Berrics last year after which Eliana shredded all day. Photo from girlsskatenetwork


6. LYN-Z ADAMS HAWKINS Ok not quite a parent but a skate mum in waiting. Action sports wonder couple Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and Travis Pastrana are due to have their first child in September and with 13 X Games Golds between them who’s betting he/she rips. Or is he/she destined to rebel by being an accountant? We truly hope not.

Photos from Lyn-Z’s athlete facebook page


Vertical Horizons - Cover Girl Interview from Cooler issue 31 with Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

Not forgetting Jen Brill, Zoe Hart, the awesome Heida Birgisdottir of Nikita and of course the shred mum to end all shred mums Donna Carpenter, not pros but industry megahumans and mothers nonetheless. Who else we’d miss? Tell us below the line or on our facebook and twitter pages

And for more of our royal baby non-coverage on the best surfer boy names they won’t be using anytime soon head here

  1. Lauren

    This should be ’8 of the coolest mums who ride’ Sam, you are most definitely one of those….

    1. sam


  2. abigail

    you forgot about me ;D .. and Tara Dakides

  3. Abigail Berg

    you forgot about me :D and Tara Dakides

  4. Mairi Gordon

    Melanie Bartells….she is another Mother who rocks!!!!! :)

  5. Sarah West

    So pleased to see a positive article about women who are mothers and still ride – totally inspirational :-D

  6. Ishita

    I think pro surfer John John Florence’s mom, Alexandra deserves a mention. She rips!

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