Win a howies jacket of your choice!

Win a howies BFJ Down Jacket!

If you’ve known us for a while, you know how much we love the UK based eco friendly and super social clothing creators  howies.

And showcasing their social qualities once more, they’ve agreed on a competition where you can choose your prize yourself out of their extensive jacket range! Although we would recommend the ‘BFJ’, the warmest jacket in their array, filled with 80% fine quality duck down and 20% duck feather. The perfect balance between toasty and toasted!

Simply answer this question by ticking the correct answer box and entering your email address! PLEASE DO NOT STATE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! Thanks.


Win a howies jacket - for example the 'Whistler'

  1. judith mcnulty

    fab prize..


    great prize


    great prize

  4. Becky Morgan

    Big Fat prize! Love these coats such great quality, an absolute classic.

  5. Sally Lea

    fab prize

  6. Steve Belshaw

    Really nice looking jackets

  7. Laura Harris

    Today is BFJ weather!

  8. Haley Redshaw

    great prizw


    Nice Jacket

  10. Denise Davies

    Winters here

  11. Annette Wilkins


  12. June Etherington

    Beautiful For June (Not the month but me)

  13. Julie Smith

    great prize

  14. Ian Finlay

    Great prize

  15. nathan bull

    great prize

  16. harold perry

    Nice Prize

  17. Teresa Nichols

    great prize and great for this type of weather x

  18. eddie loughran

    Looks great

  19. catherine beckett

    lovely jacket thanks for the chance to win one x

  20. Frank Vidar

    Some one gets realy happy :-)

  21. Mr clifford walsh

    nice and warm

  22. Clint Lacey

    Great prize.

  23. kevin smith

    cool jacket

  24. Mary Fuller



    Lovely. Just right for this weather. Good luck to everyone :) :D x

  26. Rich

    Nice & kool !!!

  27. Dawn Henson

    Really nice Jacket


    Perfect for this winter! Tweeted. Good luck!

  29. andy lumley

    Would love this, fingers crossed

  30. rachel ford

    i would love to win this jacket

  31. Elaine Powell

    wow amazing prize I can’t handle the cold. I am sure I should have been a hedgehog and go into hibernation but this certainly would help.

  32. carol egan

    I really need this jacket today – I’m freezing

  33. Caitlin Macleod

    Aww this’ll be perfect for roling about in the snow when it comes :)

  34. Christina Michael

    Lovely prize but cannot find the form to complete with answer

  35. Nia Wyn Roberts

    Can’t find the form -Big Fat Jacket does it for me!

    1. Cooler

      Hey Nia, you weren’t able to see a form because the competition had already closed! Sorry for that and good luck for next time!

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